Testimony of NDAYISHIMIYE Alphonse

I answer to the name of NDAYISHIMIYE Alphonse and I live in Province MURAMVYA, BUKEYE commune.

I have been a tea grower since the 1980s.

Before the arrival of DIFO S.A, one could spend a month or two with promissory notes from the sale of tea but nowhere to trade them for money. As a result, when faced with a problem such as a sick woman or child or the payment of fees, we had recourse to loans from merchants which requested an interest between 30 and 40%.

The arrival of DIFO S.A was like a providence for us. Life has become easier, when faced with a concern, DIFO SA gives us an overdraft with an acceptable rate on presentation of the promissory notes from the sale of tea, which allows us to seek treatment or send our children to school without difficulty.

I already had two loans with DIFO SA, which allowed me to buy three tea fields, two fields to plant eucalyptus and send three of my children to school, two of which may be graduating this year.

After all that, we created a tea growers association with about 40 members. All members of this association have received a credit from DIFO S.A, now almost all members have a cow and there are even some who have been able to buy land for farming.