CEDAC is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that was founded 2005, in Bujumbura, Republic of Burundi by Mr. Niragira. The State of Burundi, by Ministrial Order No. 530/1552, approved CEDAC on the 4th of November 2005.

CEDAC was founded in order to provide assistance to direct and indirect victims of armed conflict after the war in Burundi. The organisation has also dedicated its efforts towards the fight against the proliferation and illicit trafficking of small arms and light weapons (SALW). Originally its role was to provide information and monitor the prevention of armed conflict in Burundi. Since then the organisation has also established partnerships with other NGOs in Burundian civil society, as well as international organisations.

CEDAC vision is a peaceful and sustainable developed world. Some of the organisation's members have directly participated in armed conflict, while others have been victims of conflict through their indirect participation. CEDAC wants to interlink all victims of conflict within and across borders. Our vision seeks to eliminate conflict and sustain peace by creating means of reintegration for ex-combatants and others indirectly affected by conflict.