Company Overview

DIFO SA is a limited company created in 2010 and approved by the BRB under the 2nd category (as a Microfinance Institution) and whose main objective is to provide quality banking services easily accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises, to different economic groups and to the low-income population.

Currently DIFO SA provides financial and non-financial services to more than 18, 000 customers and disadvantaged households in Burundi focusing on low-income households without assets, working in the informal sector (and / or rural) to improve their level of life. In addition to all these financial services, he also focuses on their social, educational, skill development and many other things thanks to his 5 fully operational points of service with well-trained human resources and a strong, enthusiastic and young management team that gives them the opportunity to provide the highest quality financial services to their clients.

Governance is ensured by a dynamic and competent Board of Directors that provides support for day-to-day management through recommendations and advice.

Management is provided by competent executives with proven experience in managing microfinance operations and engaged in development and poverty alleviation.

Microfinance is fully committed to meeting the financial services demand of this sector while achieving decent profits for shareholders.


DIFO S.A.'s actions broaden financial inclusion, strengthen local communities and create opportunities for those who remain excluded from the benefits of economic growth and business opportunities.

Many of our clients have seen their lives improve, thanks to our financial inclusion model. Those who were at the mercy of loan sharks, saw the weight of financial service costs reduced.

Microfinance gives them access to credit and savings and opens a world of new opportunities.

Research on the impact of DIFO SA shows that our clients improve their quality of life, achieve their personal goals or aspirations, and develop livelihoods that benefit their families.

DIFO SA also has an impact on the communities in which we work. Through our work, women gain more autonomy (they access credit and develop income-generating activities) , local markets are strengthened and people's lives are safer. Our clients create new jobs that help develop vibrant local markets and a more stable country.


Provide financial services for the benefit of the general public and in particular the economically active poor outside the traditional financial system; bring services closer and accessible to the target populations to contribute to the fight against poverty.



To be a leading institution in microfinance with a sense of innovation, quality of services and commitment to contribute to the economic and social well being of individuals and local communities for the sustainable development of Burundi.


Our Core Values