Savings Account "Child"

DIFO S.A promotes grassroots financial education by involving children still in primary school in these savings promotion activities.

To follow up, a product of "special account for children" was created and proposed to future economic agents.


  • Opening costs   : without
  • Minimum deposit amount   : without
  • Account management fee   : without
  • Remuneration   4%
  • Withdrawal   : Once every 15 days



  • Financial education at the base
  • No account management fee
  • Access to your funds at maturity
  • You can have interest paid directly to your current account (monthly or at maturity) or reinvest funds


  • Photo and birth certificate for the child
  • Copy of the identity card or passport for the guardian / mandatary
  • A duly signed and completed identification form
  • A passport photo for each signatory