Burundi Business Incubator (BBIN), the first business incubator in Burundi, is a Non-Profit Association (ASBL) that promotes entrepreneurship and the acquisition of general business skills for both new and small businesses ( SMEs) Burundians only for those already established.

To do this, BBIN provides a range of products tailored to the needs of the modern Burundian entrepreneur. This includes access to business development services, quality rental space, broadband internet access, business advisor, and training.

The Burundi Business Incubator also serves as a one-stop shop for Burundian and foreign business travelers who need a safe, secure and well-equipped space to hold meetings, provide training, or simply work for a few hours. Although a non-profit organization, the BBIN operates and is run as a business in order to ensure its revenues and operational sustainability, in order to help entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow.