Testimony of NIYONZIMA Anatole

I answer to the name of NIYONZIMA Anatole; I live in MURAMVYA Province, BUKEYE Commune, BURAMBANA Zone.

I have been a tea grower for 25 years.

From the time I received my salary directly from the Burundi Tea Office, I was in a difficult situation, which did not allow me to carry out my projects. Although the Burundi Tea Office gives us our wages on time, there was not a fund to provide us with loans, which meant that I was still indebted to individuals, which to give me a debt, asked for high interest. As an example, when I borrowed an amount of BIF 100,000 repayable in a month, I had to pay interest of BIF 30,000.

When DIFO S.A opened in BUKEYE, I became a member of the Microfinance and since then my salary has been paid through DIFO S.A.

Whenever I have a money problem, I go to DIFO S.A, which gives me an overdraft or a credit payable in small installment with a low interest rate. I have already received 4 loans from DIFO S.A, which allowed me to buy land and pay employees for the tea harvest.

DIFO has allowed me to be more respected by my entourage because now I am not always borrowing money from them. Even now they are the ones thinking about borrowing me money.

When I think of all the advantages that DIFO S.A offers me, ranging from overdraft to long-term loan. This brings me to the conclusion that for me to leave DIFO S.A, it will be necessary to use weapons.