Testimony of BUKURU Claudine

I answer to the name of BUKURU Claudine, I live in the Province of MURAMVYA, Commune BUKEYE.

I am a teacher at BUKEYE I Basic School in the sixth grade. I also own a hair salon (for men and women), I also offer room decoration services for various occasions.

Before DIFO S.A, I was a member of COPEC Microfinance. It was then that I became aware of the existence of DIFO S.A, the time of processing their loans, the way they grant them without problem and without forgetting the way they take the time to listen to you. It was after that I decided to become a member of DIFO S.A.

DIFO S.A helped me a lot by giving me my first loan when I decided to start offering decoration services, loan that I payed quickly. Afterwards they also gave me a second loan to open my hair salon.

DIFO S.A was the first Microfinance I applied for a loan.

Many of my friends ask me how I can find the money for my projects and I tell them that it is thanks to DIFO S.A that I get there. Subsequently, after realizing the speed of granting the loan, they themselves became members of the DIFO S.A.

DIFO S.A allowed me to blossom by giving me my first loan and I know they will be there the next time I need a loan.

I want to thank DIFO S.A for what they do for me and my family.