Testimony of NDAYISABA Victor

I answer to the name of NDAYISABA Victor, I live in the province of MURAMVYA, BUKEYE commune, BUSANGANA area, NYAMBO hill.

I am currently Agricultural Monitor. On top of that, I'm a farmer myself.

DIFO S.A employees came to inform us about how Microfinance could help us flourish by giving us loans.

After learning about the different services that DIFO S.A had to offer, we became a member of the Microfinance. Subsequently, DIFO S.A granted us loan for growing potatoes, which Microfinance granted us in two parts, a first part to buy potatoes seeds and a second part to spray potatoes. The Microfinance also sent us an agronomist to help us.

The fact that DIFO S.A gave us this loan in two parts allowed us to use it better by avoiding mismanagement of this money.

Before the arrival of DIFO S.A, when someone needed money to buy potatoes seed, he had to ask for a loan from individuals. Sometimes he was unable to pay the loan due to poor weather conditions and had to sell his piece of land to pay back.

With DIFO S.A, repayment is easier because the payment of the credit is made in several small installments over a rather extended period.

For me, DIFO was my first Microfinance, but some of my friends were members of other Microfinance and since they are members of DIFO S.A, they do not apply for loans anywhere else than in DIFO S.A.

Since I have been a member of DIFO S.A, people keep asking me how to become a DIFO member and apply for a loan.

DIFO helped us a lot thanks to their teachings and their way of accompanying us in our projects by sending us for example an agronomist after the granting of a loan for the cultivation of potatoes.