Testimony of NGEZEBUHORO Prospère

I answer to the name of NGEZEBUHORO Prospère; I live in MURAMVYA Province, BUKEYE Commune, Buhogwa Hill

I represent coffee growers on Buhogwa Hill

DIFO S.A is important to us because, as coffee farmer, we face money problems due to the fact that we have to wait for the harvest and then the sale and DIFO S.A allows us to face it by granting us advances on wages on presentation of the promissory notes provided by the coffee office or by granting us loans which we repay with money from the sale of coffee.

The loans contracted with DIFO S.A allowed me to renovate my house, increase my harvest and meet the different needs of my family

When my friends realized the milestone achieved with DIFO S.A, they all decided to become a member of DIFO S.A.