Testimony of NIYONKURU Capitoline

I answer to the name of NIYONKURU Capitoline, I live in MUHA commune, KANYOSHA area, RUZIBA district.

I am a representative of the Association of Engaged Youth for Development, AJED in acronym and we are pig farmers.

Our association was formed by young people who participated in the UNDP HIMO program and received entrepreneurship training. Subsequently we formulated a business plan that once validated by SPARK / BBIN, was presented to DIFO S.A. for funding.

We received a refundable credit over one year. The credit has allowed us to start our pork farming business and to date, with a departure of 2 pigs, we have added pigs to our flock and started to sell them. We are confident about the possibility of repaying the loan and have been promised to refinance again to expand our operation.

From the grouping together with support for capacity building and coaching received, the members of our association have also started other income-generating activities and this has allowed us to increase our income and raise our level. of life.

In a few words, the coaching and the support received from DIFO S.A. allowed us to create jobs and support ourselves.